KISS Immortals DVD Multipath Adventure game


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This KISS Multipath DVD adventure game is a modern, animated version of a Choose Your Own Adventure game.

Description: “The lights flash and the crowd roars with enthusiasm as KISS plays their final date in Pittsburgh. Within a matter of minutes they find themselves transported to a surreal world where music is outlawed and the law of the land is upheld by Domino, a feisty redhead who shoots first and asks questions later.

“Use your keyboard to control the plot twists. With dozens of plot paths and multiple endings to choose from, you decide how the story will unfold. Join KISS in their sci-fi rock n’ roll adventure as they scour the underbelly of this bizarre world in a bid to get back home.

Rated Teen 13+

Minimum requirements: Package states. Windows 95 or 98 with DVD-Rom Drive. (However, you can play this in any DVD player. Our staff has a copy and tried ours again (21 years after its release!) and were able to play it with a DVD player remote control.)

Region: 1 (US & Canada)

Year: 2000

Condition: New with sealed DVD strip at top of case. However, shrink wrap has been removed, and outer snap case shows light wear. Please refer to photos.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × .6 in
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