KISS iPhone cases


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If you’re a KISS fan, and you use an iPhone, this may be your lucky day!

We received a shipment of incredible iPhone cases in more than 30 different KISS designs!

But… all of these cases are designed for the iPhone 6.

If you’re one of those people who hates upgrading and still loves your old iPhone 6, get your dollars ready, because each one of these cases are ONLY ONE DOLLAR EACH!

If you have an iPhone 7, these cases may fit your phone. Unfortunately, our entire staff here at KISS Addiction are Android users, so we aren’t able to try. From what we’ve read, the case itself will fit the i7, but the camera in the iPhone 7 is slightly larger. Depending on how these fit, you may need to drill or file out the camera hole a little more for your i7 — but hey, they’re only a dollar. Give it a try!

What else could you use these one dollar iPhone cases for?

We think they would make great luggage tags too. Write your info on the back with a Sharpie, and run a chain through the camera hole. They’re really durable and cool-looking — and again, only ONE DOLLAR!

They might even look cool tiled on the wall of your KISS room.  Or, perhaps you simply want to collect them new in the box. Now’s your chance.

Use the drop-down menu above to select and view each case style.

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1st album cover, 40 Years of Rockin' America, Astronaut helmets in makeup, Blue Destroyer, Catman Ikon, Catman makeup, Chrome Logo and faces, Destroyer Gene screaming, Destroyer Spirit of '76 Tour, Dressed to Kill, Dressed to Kill text, Hotter Than Heck, Hotter Than Hell album cover, Japan Hotter Than Hell, Japanese parasols, KISS '76 Logo, KISS Army Logo, KISS Army Loud & Proud, KISS colored letter logo, KISS Destroys Anaheim '76, KISS Made in the USA, KISS Retro '74, KISS Rocks Vegas, Let Me Go Rock and Roll, Love Gun Logo, Paul Solo Album Face, Red Destroyer, Red KISS Logo, Rock and Roll All Nite, Spaceman Ikon, Spaceman makeup, Spirit of '76, Starchild Ikon, Starchild makeup, US Tour '76, Vertical color stripes